in Europe
Goldman Collins Associates
International Business

Goldman Collins can help you grow your business into Europe. In conjunction with our partner Dr. May Pharma Consult, GmbH, we provide services that will help you develop your European business. We can provide the following services in Europe

  • Market Intelligence Data
  • We can help to get European registrations based on the your company’s development dossiers (Generics or Innovative products)
  • We can systematically search for any company registered products including sales figures in order to complete market intelligence for developing a market, and to help you develop your financial targets for your business.
  • We can also research companies available in Europe for a possible acquisition.
  • We offer due diligence services.
  • Market Penetration Strategies
  • Interim Senior Management

The list of market segments where we have provided Business Development Services include: bio-tech, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, high tech, photography, publishing and hospitality among others.