Janice Collins
Goldman Collins Associates
International Business

Jan Passport Photo 2011Jan Collins, Principal, worked for Polaroid in many capacities from quality control to security and security identification.   She was instrumental in the installation of SAP to Polaroid and directed the Change Management process needed to bring this to different countries.  After installation in many parts of Polaroid, Jan supported a large international division in the database design and operational implementation of SAP.  Her specialties are Training and Operational Analysis.  Jan can study an organization and its habits and identify the areas that need change or improvement for better productivity and effectiveness.  She can create a Change Management process and then implement it with minimum disruption to the business.  

Jan is also involved in non-profits: she is the co-founder of the William Bronk Foundation and is the founder and chair of the Newfound Pathways. She is our expert in non-profit grant writing. Email Jan at JCollins@GoldmanCollins.com