Jonathan Duffy
Goldman Collins Associates
International Business

Duffy 1Sr. Associate Jonathan Duffy joined Goldman Collins Associates, LLC  in October of 2012. He will manage and grow the GCA United Kingdom group. Jonathan is an established and capable senior executive with strong leadership, sales and marketing experience gained in challenging, dynamic, international environments including Getty Images, Eastman  Kodak, Polaroid and SailTime. Jonathan’s sales management experience includes budgeting, forecasting, effective sales calls, CRM roll-out, managing sales team, customer acquisition and retention, major account management and growing revenue. He also has extensive marketing experience in developing total  marketing strategies, implementing digital marketing tools including  web design, SEM and SEO, social networking, email marketing, direct  mail, PR, marketing channels, product strategies. He provides internal business support focusing on developing strategy,  creating and implementing business plans, business improvement,  leadership, vision and values, general management and structure. Email Jonathan at


Recommendations for Jonathan Duffy as Vice President of Marketing / European Managing Director, SailTime

“Jonathan always took an active interest in any new ventures or projects that I undertook and would always offer his expertise and support to see them come to fruition. Jonathan was a very personable and approachable MD and it was a pleasure working with him.” February 28, 2012, Sarah Collinson, Base Manager, SailTime Poole, worked indirectly for Jonathan at SailTime Europe


“Jonathan has a deep understanding of strategic planning and translates this insight into robust operational plans. His leadership style maintains focus on the factors necessary for success.

 His innovative approach is demonstrated by the development of a national sailing training infrastructure and online retail of training courses. This made SailTime the largest UK training provider as measured by the number of locations providing training.  Under Jonathan’s stewardship, SailTime grew from 1 to 23 locations in 6 countries over 5 years with proportionate increases in turnover and profit. To achieve this through attracting and leading independent business people is testament to Jonathan’s success at influencing senior leaders and engaging a multi-site and multi-stakeholder business on a national basis.  Jonathan is a very tough negotiator but he does it with charm, openness and honesty, which also describe his important personal qualities.” May 20, 2011, Nigel Rodliffe, Interim Marketing Manager, Sailtime Europe, reported to Jonathan at SailTime Europe

Recommendations for Jonathan Duffy as Regional Director - Northern Europe, Getty Images

“Jonathan has a natural ability to lead and direct successful marketing campaigns and sales teams. His proven track record at Getty Images and across other industries is a testament to is entrepreneurial insights and tenacity to grow businesses.” November 4, 2012, Leigh Stevens, Director, National Account Management, Getty Images,  reported to Jonathan at Getty Images

Recommendations for Jonathan Duffy as European Marketing Director - Polaroid Graphic Imaging, Polaroid

“As Managing Director of Polaroid's Graphic Imaging Division for Europe I hired Jonathan Duffy as Director of Marketing in 1995. Jonathan led our introduction of PGI products at DRUPA which was our worldwide launch venue. He developed the European marketing plan and implemented it. Jonathan is a team player who always keeps the corporate goal and mission in sight. He worked very well across borders, cultures and language barriers to successfully market PGI products which by 1997 represented 67% of all PGI products sold worldwide.” October 23, 2012, Ronald Collins, Vice President, Polaroid Corporation, managed Jonathan at Polaroid