Louis Cabana
Goldman Collins Associates
International Business

Lous PicSr. Associate Louis R. Cabana joined GCA in 2010. Lou is an internationally experienced executive whose business expertise spans marketing, business development, operations (supply chain) and program management. Prior to joining Goldman-Collins Associates, Lou was vice president of marketing and business development, as well as acting CEO for Xhale Diagnostics, an early stage medical device diagnostic company. Before this, Lou was a Sr. Consultant with AlvaMed, where he assisted companies such as Wyeth, P&G, and Johnson and Johnson in the areas of product commercialization, acquisition evaluation, and business development. With over 7 years of international experience as an expat with companies such as Alere, and Johnson and Johnson, Lou is as comfortable in Beijing or Singapore as he is in Boston. He has also worked in India, Italy, Israel, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Brazil, as well as France, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, and England. Prior to this, he spent 15 years at Polaroid, in a variety of executive assignments. Distinguished by using process excellence tools such as Voice of the Customer and Value Stream Mapping, Lou provides both strategic and tactical leadership in the solution of business challenges. Email Lou at LCabana@GoldmanCollins.com


Recommendations for Lou Cabana as Vice president marketing and Business Development, acting CEO, Xhale Diagnotics

“Lou was very effective, intelligent, and organized running Exhale Diagnostics. We had regular meeting with Lou, he gave clear instructions, timelines, budgets and scientific goals. Lou is down to earth and very effective communicating his expectations. All would work very hard under his leadership. It was a real pleasant working with Lou. He is strongly recommended by me to run similar projects.” October 11, 2012, Simon Shenhav, Senior Scientist, Xen Biofluidx Inc., was with another company when working with Lou at Xhale Diagnotics

Recommendations for Lou Cabana as Director Global Supply Chain Ops for APAC and LATAM, Lifescan Scotland a Johnson and Johnson company

“Lou has been an outstanding leader and we worked together for an important product launch in Asia which was specifically developed as a market appropriate product for Asia/india for the first time in J&J Medical devices sector - Lou's outstanding support for this launch has helped a seamless launch and this product later became a successful product for both emerging and developed markets.” March 13, 2010, Sameer Tendulkar, PMP, Manager, Johnson and Johnson - Demand and Supply planning for AsiaPacific,  worked with Lou at Lifescan Scotland a J&J company

“Lou provides great insight and experience into all aspects commercially and in programme management of supply chain business for blue chip companies operating on an international scale. Lou is a forward thinking entrepreneur with great business acumen balanced with always finding the right way to make the programme work. His experience in coaching and guidance will always be appreciated by anyone or any Company that has the pleasure to work with him.” August 18, 2008, Gordon Spalding, R&D Manager, LifeScan Scotland, a Johnson & Johnson Company,  worked with Lou at Lifescan Scotland a J&J company

“I worked with Lou Cabana for just over six years. Lou’s expertise in medical device commercialization; specifically his knowledge and mastery of contract manufacturing transfer and start-up was key to several product development successes over that period. Lou’s ability to partner with internal development teams, link to outside manufacturers and respond to both groups needs demonstrated time and time again the right way to motivate, mentor, and achieve objectives. Lou is excellent at multitasking and has a great ability to stay calm in crisis and lead teams to workable solutions.” March 18, 2008,  Jim Parent, Director, New Product Development, LifeScan Scotland, a Johsnon & Johnson Company, worked with Lou at Lifescan Scotland a J&J company

Recommendations for Lou Cabana as Director of Business and Product Mgm, LifeScan, a Johnson & Johnson Company

“Lou is a solution orientated professional who has a tremendously positive attitude about getting the job done. He consistently delivered on commitments within timeframes and built strong relationships with everyone that he worked with. Lou also mentored many junior members of the organisation and was always willing to help even when considerably outside of his areas of responsibility. Lou is a terrific business partner and a pleasure to work with.” March 6, 2009, Paul Mordente, Director, Global Strategic Marketing, LifeScan, a Johnson & Johnson Company
 worked with Lou at LifeScan, a Johnson & Johnson Company

Recommendations for Lou Cabana as Corporate Program Manager, Polaroid Medical Imaging Systems

“Lou has been a colleague of mine for many years. I have been consistently impressed with Lou's project management and communication skills. He is a highly motivated individual and always ready and willing to help anyone if needed. He deserves recognition for personal integrity, persistence and the ability to get the job done. Lou has a great sense of humor, I'm fortunate to have worked with him.” February 21, 2010, Linda J Mello, Human Resource Manager, Polaroid,  worked with Lou at Polaroid Medical Imaging Systems