Ronald Collins
Goldman Collins Associates
International Business

Ron 01Ronald W. Collins, CIPBA, Principal, founded Goldman Collins Associates in 2000. Prior to forming Goldman Collins Associates, he was President and CEO of Transtec Manufacturing Systems. Before that Ron was a Vice President of the Polaroid Corporation and Managing Director of Polaroid’s European Graphic Arts Division. He established, in 1994, a European Division for a Fortune 500 company. In 1997 he formed a new high tech division of a Fortune 500 company. In 1998, he bought and merged a European High Tech company into an American company, and sold two American companies to European investors. Ron has provided international project management as well as C-Level Management in England, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan and the USA. Ron is a certified international business appraiser by the International Professional Business Appraisers Association. Email Ron at


Recommendations for Ronald Collins as Principal, Goldman Collins Associates LLC

“Ron comes highly recommended for his analytical abilities, drive to accomplish goals, financial acumen and broad experience. He provided interim management and business analysis for a subsidiary of mine that significantly turned around the company culture and performance, and laid out a foundation for the future growth of the business. He is a high energy, high integrity manager who focuses on getting the job done” November 17, 2011, Bill Wedlake, CEO NextPharma Technologies, Ltd., hired Ronald as a Business Consultant in 2009, and hired Ronald more than once.

“Ron, as Principal of Goldman Collins, performed several functions for me from 2005 into 2009 which included business strategy, business location and site development, project management and M&A activities. Ron is a resourceful and hard driving professional with a broad range of training and experience. He performed his duties with energy, integrity and was a vital factor in moving my company to where it is today. He was the voice in difficult times that told me what I needed to hear and not just what I wanted to hear.” November 9, 2011, Francis Smith, President and CEO, Bio-Concept Laboratories, Inc., hired Ronald as a Business Consultant in 2005, and hired Ronald more than once.

“Ron is a great all-rounder quickly identifying what needs to be done in an organisation whilst at the same time having an accute awareness of cashflow and P&L. After a matter of months, Ron was able to increase levels of motivation and focus in the group he managed dramatically with his consistent and reliable management style that people really warmed to, no matter what level they were in the organisation. I can thoroughly recommend Ron as a strong people orientated, financially-aware manager.” October 15, 2011, Sean Marett, Managing Director, NextPharma Technologies, Ltd., hired Ronald as a Business Consultant in 2009, and hired Ronald more than once.

“Do not engage GCA unless you are ready to get something done. Ron is a straight-forward, efficient person who won't waste your time. His many talents and global perspective make working together interesting and stimulating. The organization is streamlined and effective.” December 12, 2009, Sheila Oranch, owner Coppertoppe Inn and Retreat Center, hired Ronald as a Business Consultant in 2003, and hired Ronald more than once

 Recommendations for Ronald Collins as President and CEO, Transtec Manufacturing Inc.

 “Ron is a visionary, with the capacity to ensure immediate goals are achieved while maintaining a strong focus on future challenges and risks. His consistent demeanor, outstanding listening skills, and ability to quickly formulate viable solutions has gained him the trust and respect of his peers, subordinates, and supervisors.” February 10, 2012, Jerry Blevins, P.E, PMP, VP Operations, Convergent Prima,  reported to Ronald at Transtec Manufacturing Inc.