Turn Arounds
Goldman Collins Associates
International Business

The success of an operational turnaround hinges on

  • reducing costs
  • increasing revenues
  • inspiring staff to adopt and execute meaningful change
  • triage situations

while gaining trust from stakeholders, and convincing financial sources that the company is worth maintaining.

The successful turnaround manager's job requires

  • executing timely profitable cash flow generating solutions
  • keeping stakeholders fully apprised of the peaks and valleys of the turnaround
  • delivering meaningful transparency and accountability in terms that make sense and that create support for action and success

It is imperative that the turn around manager has the experience to quickly motivate and lead the staff while at the same time giving the feedback and transparency required by stakeholders.

The successful turnaround manager must be strong enough to make and implement unpopular proposals and changes, while at the same time able to listen, understand and be sensitive to the multiple cultures involved.

The turnaround manager must demonstrate to the  staff why change is necessary, and demonstrate to the stakeholders that there is a path that will lead to success.

Goldman Collins Associates can provide the turn around manager and has the needed

  • multicultural
  • multinational
  • operational and
  • managerial experience

and has successfully turned around high tech companies in a wide range of markets such as high tech manufacturing,  pharmaceuticals, medical devices and industrial lasers.