Turn Key
Goldman Collins Associates
International Business

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“Turn-Key” service for companies wanting
to create a business presence in the
United States

Goldman Collins members have over ninety years of combined experience in assisting international companies establishing and starting up companies in the United States. Using that experience Goldman Collins has created the following process:

Preliminary Work

  • Developing with the Client a detailed specification of the goals of the project including the deliverables to be provided to the Client by Goldman Collins Associates, LLC.
  • Providing the client with an estimate of the cost of the project.

Feasibility Work

  • Research:
    • is there is a market for the Client’s services or products
    • conduct a marketing analysis to determine the market structure and penetrability
  • Determine:
    • the size of the market
    • how the Client will exploit the market
    • what share the Client can reasonably expect to acquire
    • what are the demographics of the market
    • what is the geographical distribution of the market
    • the best channels to market

Initial Work

  • Design with the Client a detailed specification of the type, size and function of the US business to be established, including legal structure, staffing head count, functions and experience required.
  • Determine and present to the Client a recommendation as to where the Client should establish its US headquarters.
  • Obtain Client buy-in to office location.
  • Goldman Collins Associates will solicit all required legal, construction and equipment costs.
  • Goldman Collins Associates will solicit all rental, lease and/or real estate purchase costs.
  • A final estimate of all establishment costs including legal and licensing fees, construction, installation and start-up costs will be presented to the Client for approval.

Office Establishment

  • Goldman Collins Associates will establish the Client as a registered US company.
  • Goldman Collins Associates will manage the office design, procurement, construction, and the installation of any required equipment including information technology.
  • Goldman Collins Associates will recruit required staff. All hires will be vetted and approved by the Client. The Client will be responsible for staff training.
  • Goldman Collins Associates will manage the start-up of the office if requested by the Client.

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